The 6nature Danang creates an upper-class life on My Khe beach

Regarded as a new living symbol in Da Nang, owning an apartment at The 6nature Danang is also a guarantee for the owner’s own upper class living. .

The 6nature Danang: Classy location makes a difference

Located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street – the most beautiful billion-dollar coastal road in Da Nang, The 6nature Danang owns a prime location opposite My Khe beach – one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Owning a diamond location, within a radius of 10km, the owners of The 6nature Danang can easily access life amenities such as: commercial centers, hospitals, schools, tourist attractions – entertainment, food and coffee…

The 6nature Danang – Living Icon new in the central pearl

What makes The 6nature Danang  so “expensive” is not only its prime location with a range of utilities at hand, but also its expensive view of “sea front – back to the street” that helps the project. has excellent value in terms of terrain that can never be measured in money. Going beyond material values, the location has contributed to making The 6nature Danang not only a super product in the apartment segment, but also helping future owners touch the cultural and spiritual values ​​of the city. Da Nang Street.

Elevate your lifestyle with The 6nature Danang

It is no coincidence that The 6nature Danang is considered as a new iconic living space in the coastal city of Da Nang. In addition to the special location, the project is also highly appreciated as an architectural masterpiece with the model of a 5-star hotel complex and high-class apartments.

Experience the ultimate lifestyle save, classy with The 6nature Danang

More than a residence, The 6nature Danang allows customers to own a distinct lifestyle. The 6nature Danang 2-bedroom apartment is the perfect combination in every sophisticated design line, and airy space with a large balcony, looking directly towards the busy city center.

2 bedroom apartment with board shewide with a view towards the busy center< /span>

Owning The 6nature Danang not only owns a place to stay, but really touches the high-class living space by enjoying a “collection” of international standard facilities arranged in harmony within the project area. Returning home is easy and convenient with a designated car park for the owner; exercise and connect with friends who are passionate about sports right at the high-class gym; relax in the infinity pool in the middle of the vast sky; enjoy a glass of fine wine, listen to melodious tunes in the artistic space of Club Lounge,…

Great offer, double the joy for customers who own The 6nature Danang apartment

The 6nature Danang is currently the leading project of interest in the Central region from only 56 million / m2, with the outstanding advantage of long-term legal ownership and ownership. allowed to sell to foreigners. Customers who buy apartments at the project are entitled to free management service fees for 24 months, and at the same time receive advice on support loan packages from banks with attractive interest rates.

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In addition, early deposit customers also enjoy a discount of up to 12% of the apartment value. And the residents of the project will soon experience a classy and comfortable living space when the project will be put into operation in 2022.

With all the conspicuous advantages of a coastal real estate project in the luxury segment, The 6nature Danang is on its way to becoming a “life icon” in the city. Danang beach town – Pearl of Central Vietnam.

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