The 6nature Danang creates an upper-class life, leading the trend

Owning luxury apartments along the coast is gradually becoming a new trend of the upper class. The 6nature Danang with outstanding advantages is becoming a bright name to attract elite investors.

High-class coastal apartments: New trend of investors

As life has improved, people are paying more and more attention to the issue of settlement and relaxation. Coastal real estate meets this requirement with cool, temperate sea air, wide views and cool tropical winds…

This type of property also meets the needs of customers who are looking for a truly unique, high-value residence. Because the supply is always less than the demand, high-end coastal apartments are not much in quantity, but in quality, bringing profitable value in the future.

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The 6nature Danang makes its mark in the high-end coastal apartment segment in Danang (Photo: The 6nature Danang)

The real estate market for high-end coastal apartments in Da Nang is no exception. As the central city of Central Vietnam, Da Nang is miraculously reviving after the pandemic with vibrant economic and tourism activities. In the context of the increasingly narrow coastal land bank, the appearance of projects like The 6nature Danang is of interest.

The 6nature Danang: Creating standards mto the high life</ h2>
Bringing together big names in real estate creation, design and management, The 6nature Danang is on a journey to create new upmarket living standards in the city. this beautiful seaside town.


The 6nature creates new standards for upper-class living (Photo: The 6nature Danang)< /span>

The apartments at The 6nature Danang bring a modern and luxurious feeling but no less privacy. The large balcony facing the city center allows residents not to miss any important events, watch the fireworks or witness a shimmering Da Nang at night.

Synchronous interior design creates a cozy feeling, and the scientific division of indoor living spaces creates a very unique feature for the apartments here. Each room has creative direction windows for residents to feel like they are in an enjoyment, combining architecture, light, and a wonderful coastal climate.


View of fireworks festival at The 6nature Danang (Photo: The 6nature Danang)

The upscale resort atmosphere is also reflected in the high-class internal facilities for residents of The 6nature Danang.

Residents can safely return to their homes with designated parking; strides through the Art Gallery-style lobby; floating in the middle of the infinity pool with a vast view; sip a glass of wine and immerse yourself in the music of the Club Lounge; Love yourself with healthy exercises at the high-class gym…

The privileges commonly found in high-end resorts, are now ready to serve residents of The 6nature Danang when the apartments will start operating in 2020. 2022.

Many preferential policies for customers

The investor said, from only 56 million VND/m2, The 6nature Danang is a project interested by customers and investors. Customers who deposit early also enjoy a discount of up to 12% of the apartment value. The project’s residents will soon experience a classy and comfortable living space when the project will be put into operation in 2022 by Savills.

Besides, customers who buy apartments in the project are entitled to free management service fee within 24 months, and also receive advice on loan packages from support. banks with attractive interest rates.

“Touch the high life right now by owning an apartment at The 6nature Danang – a liveable project in Da Nang now’, owner private share.

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