The 6nature Danang bears the mark of Hometel, creating a different and classy lifestyle

One of the unique features that makes The 6nature Danang stand out is the offering of apartments bearing the mark of a high-class Hometel.
One ​​of the unique features that makes The 6nature Danang stand out from other projects is the provision of apartments bearing the hallmarks of a high-class Hometel and ready to operate in 2022 by Savills.

What is Hometel? What makes hometel apartments so classy?

Hometel is an integrated hotel apartment model with high-class apartments. These apartments are often luxuriously designed, similar to luxury hotel rooms. In particular, the Hometel apartment also inherits all the facilities like a luxury 5-star hotel apartment.

<3 residence but also for long-term investment purposes. Hometel apartments also own red books with long-term legality, creating a distinct advantage over other types of real estate with ownership periods of 50-70 years. Besides, Hometel owners will be able to choose to operate the rental, enjoy the full profit without having to share it with the investor.

All these advantages explain the reason, Hometel apartments often increase in price by 10-20% in a short time. This is an advantage that investors are interested in, in the context that it is not easy to find high-value and different properties from the market.

The 6nature Danang: When Hometel is the highlight that makes a different lifestyle

As a complex system of 5-star hotels and luxury apartments with sea frontage The 6nature Danang, it is rare for any project to own a prime location like The 6nature Danang: Located on the most beautiful coastal million-dollar street in Da Nang, opposite My Khe beach (top 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet), along with an easy location to move into the center as well as radiate to tourist attractions. other in the Central Heritage Road.

Inheriting the architectural elements that create a high-end hotel system, The 6nature Danang offers Hometel apartments that fully meet the “rare and hard to find” requirements that This type of apartment requires. Hometel apartments at The 6nature Danang are diverse in type (1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, Dual-key…), owning a spacious balcony with a view overlooking the beautiful My Khe sea, or contemplating a view. Admire the panoramic view of the city center shimmering at night, easily watching cultural activities such as the international fireworks festival…. The architecture and interior of each apartment has a modern sound, optimizing living space but still keeping privacy and coziness. In particular, the design influenced by the 5-star hotel architecture also makes the luxury apartments at The 6nature Danang look like Hometel – a fundamental difference compared to other high-end apartment real estate projects along the coast. other.


Optimal living space creates high-class living values

When owning Hometel apartments at The 6nature Danang, residents enjoy a full suite of world-class 5-star standard utility privileges throughout the area. Those are the privileges only found in high-class resorts and hotels such as: owning a smart parking location, enjoying cool water and a special relaxing space with an infinity pool, relaxing. Relax in soft music with a delicious cocktail at the Club Lounge, regular health care and high-class gym…

The privileges only available when buying Hometel at The 6nature Danang

Only from 56 million/m2, The 6nature Danang is a project that is interested by many customers and investors, as it is the only project that allows legal ownership. long-term management and allows foreigners to buy houses.

Besides, customers who buy apartments at the project are entitled to free management service fee within 24 months, and also receive advice on loan packages from support. banks with attractive interest rates.

On the other hand, early deposit customers also enjoy a discount of up to 12% of the apartment value. And the project’s residents will soon experience a classy and comfortable living space when the project will be operated in 2022 by Savills through the professional Property Cube application that has been used in many countries.< /span>

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